Why the world needs another eyeliner . . .

Maybe it all started with the singer Adele and her perfectly winged eyeliner . . . I tried to get the wing thing down and it took F O R E V E R . . . . so I decided it just wasn’t worth the time for me. But while I was experimenting . . . (this is how the story usually goes with all of our new product development) I thought “Why is putting on eyeliner so difficult that I don’t wear it on a daily basis?”

Is it my disappearing eyelid as my brow starts to droop?” OR “ Is it my more-and-more-crepey-eyelid-as-I-age” OR Both? AND “Why are my only options for eyeliner a pot of cream that dries out and a brush I can’t maneuver OR a pencil that is dry most of the time and actually hurts my lid?”

I can do better than this!

So here were my prerequisites in developing what is now the Genie SUPERGLIDE Gel Eyeliner!

1) Make putting on eyeliner so quick and easy that it takes less then a minute to do it— so I get the look and don’t add significant time to my morning routine.

2) Has to glide on so easily that I barely need to press down on it for it to work

3) Super pigmented—I don’t want to have to apply and apply and apply to get enough pigment on my lid to be able to see it

4) DOES NOT BUDGE!!! Almost ALL eyeliners I’ve used in the past slide off or just disappear as the day goes by.

5) No Special Applicators—I don’t want to have to use a brush to get it on properly

And I believe we accomplished all of this and more!

The Genie Superglide Gel Eyeliner will answer all your problems with conventional eyeliners; and because it’s a Genie product you will look fantastic while saving TIME!

Give it a try! This month you can add it to any order for only $10. Click here to take advantage of this special offer!!

Love this Liner!

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