Finding the perfect waterproof eyeliner for everyday wear is easy with Genie Beauty. Our Superglide Gel Waterproof Eyeliner is specially formulated for easy application, all day wear and waterproof smudge proof good looks. The proprietary mix of ingredients are widely tested and used by thousands of women around the globe. Genie Beauty is one of the leading cosmetic and skin care brands selling millions from QVC and online.Our waterproof gel eyeliner goes on easy and smooth to leave a perfect look for your eyes.

Genie Beauty waterproof eyeliner goes on super smooth thanks to our special formulation and applicator design. No more clumping or tugging on the eyelashes. The waterproof eyeliner gains this ability thanks to its formulation of pigments and bonding agents. Gain the length and fullness you crave from a waterproof eyeliner that is comfortable and easy to apply. The gel eyeliner comes in special casing that allows for 4 times more product and longer lasting eyeliner.

You have a wide selection of waterproof eyeliners to choose from and finding the best one for you can be a challenge. At Genie Beauty we remove the risk with our 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. Just return the unused portion and we will refund the money. Finding the right waterproof gel eyeliner is important to discover the proper look and all day wear.

So how do we make our gel waterproof eyeliner work? It comes down to ingredients and testing. Genie Beauty is a multi-million dollar sales company that you probably have not heard of. We built our business through QVC and word of mouth putting our money back in to our products rather than marketing. Our waterproof eyeliners are now available direct to you here on the website. By cutting out the sales channel we ensure that we can provide you with the highest quality product at the lowest possible price… but our products are not cheap. Genie Beauty  will never compete with big box store brand eyeliner on price but we beat them everyday on quality.

If you are looking for the perfect long wear waterproof eyeliner then consider the Superglide Gel Waterproof Eyeliner. Manufactured in France, yes France, we incorporate high quality ingredients and refined manufacturing processes to create the perfect product.

Stop skipping, tugging and pulling your eyeliner INSTANTLY  with this specially formulated waterproof gel eyeliner.  Instantly Transform your lash line by making it  look darker, richer and thicker!


Super-slick texture glides easily across your lashline making it super-easy to apply.
WaterProof, CryProof, SweatProof, MeltProof
Dries down to no-budge-beauty in 90 seconds—this eyeliner stays in place.
Easy, Easy, Easy –Gel in a pencil combines great texture and ease of use—no brushes necessary.
Deposits color in a single stroke—you do not need multiple applications.
Long wear–Doesn’t come off until you take it off
Super- sized (1.3 grams) to give you FOUR TIMES as much product as an average size eyeliner
Available in Espresso and Blackest Black


Special TMS ingredient stops skipping, tugging or pulling
Skin-loving ingredients help improve spread-ability, weightlessness and moisture.
Ultra-pigmented mica silicates give you incredible color adhesion.
Won’t dry out or break– Pencil housing is AES not wood so it keeps the formulation moist.
Convenient sharpener features German-made blade
Fragrance free

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