Time is Flying By!

Hello Genie Beauties!

This photo of my sister and I seems like it was yesterday . . . we were in my Grandmother’s back yard in South Texas before the whole family went to church. I even remember the smell of the grapefruit trees! I don’t need to tell you that time is flying by . . . Did you notice its already SEPTEMBER?!!! From September until the end of the year life for me is a sprint! It’s as if one minute its “back to school” time and the next minute I’m taking down the Christmas tree. Are you with me?

Since Time is our greatest Luxury, I ask you. “How are you going to spend your time, save your time, savor your time?” Do you want to spend it in front of the mirror trying a new makeup technique? Putting on false lashes? Doing a 7 step skincare routine before you go to bed? I know I don’t—I have so many ways I want to better spend my time—keeping up with friends and family, visiting the flower market, taking a yoga class, throwing the ball with my dogs, decorating for the holidays . .. and so much more! AND most importantly I know you don’t have to give up looking great to have this “free time”. That’s always at the top of my mind when designing Genie Beauty products for you – its Instant Skincare. Every single piece has been designed to save you time, solve your skincare problems and give you beautiful results IN MINUTES! I want to free you from slaving away at trying to have younger, fresher, smoother looking skin. It doesn’t have to be that hard—I promise!

Leading the Instant Skincare revolution!

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