[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Do you have a drawer full of makeup and skincare products you spent a small fortune on but tossed aside because they just don’t seem to work for you? Have you ever walked through endless aisles of beauty counters, maybe at Sephora or Ulta Beauty, only to leave empty handed and overwhelmed by all the choices?

This is exactly why more than 18 years ago Lisa Claycomb started Genie Beauty, a highly-curated makeup and skincare company based in California. Lisa’s goal was to create high performance, skin benefiting, easy to use makeup and skincare products that would give you flawless looking skin instantly. Instant skincare, instant benefits. That’s Lisa and Genie’s Beauty’s mission.

Genie beauties are busy women, with careers, families, and active lifestyles, who need to get ready and go quickly, without hassle and without having to worry about reapplying throughout the day. Genie makeup provides long lasting results, even hours later. Plus, the full Genie lineup packs healthy, moisturizing, age-defying nutrients to help your skin look fresh and beautiful, from day into night.

Here are some pointers and “must haves” for your makeup bag. Say goodbye to that drawer of unused, unworkable makeup!

  • Foundation should offer the coverage you’re looking for, while nourishing your skin. Genie Beauty offers two beautiful options: GENIE Instant Line Smoothing Foundation and Nutratanicals Antioxidant Foundation. How do you choose between the two? GENIE Beauty Instant Line Smoothing Foundation, is designed for women looking for hydration, a dewy complexion, and natural-looking coverage. With Matrixyl 3000 peptides, Instant Line Smoothing Foundation is as much a beneficial skin treatment as it is a foundation. This light and creamy tinted treatment goes on smooth, conceals the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and creates a natural healthy look, without looking oily. It’s the perfect base for blush and bronzers, or to use all alone. NUTRATANICALS Antioxidant Foundation gives you full coverage in a powder that’s made of just five natural skin enhancing ingredients. Although the powder foundation covers lines and is waterproof, it won’t dull your skin or give you that awful caked on look that some powders and heavy foundations do. In fact, moisturizing Japanese Honeysuckle, a time-honored ingredient in Nutratanicals Antioxidant Foundation, brings moisture and luminosity to your skin, Application is key, and Nutratanicals makes your skin look fresh and flawless. Simply use a small Genie kabuki brush to really blend in the foundation, using more to build flawless coverage and give you virtually perfect looking skin but still looks very natural.
  • Like most women, though, you’ve probably given up eyeliner at some point, finding it difficult to apply and a nightmare to deal with once it starts fading and smudging, sometimes just minutes after application. Instead of youthful wide awake eyes, you’re left with faded color and dark under eye circles. GENIE Superglide Gel Eyeliner solves those problems instantly. For starters, the rich gel glides on smoothly and easily, eliminating tugging and pulling around the sensitive eye area, and dries in about 90 seconds. Once it sets, it lasts for 24 hours. It’s waterproof, smudge proof, cry proof, and sweat proof. The nice smooth line emphasizes your lash line, even before you’ve added any mascara, and it’s buildable for more dramatic results. Genie Superglide Gel Eyeliner is unique because it’s a gel in a pencil. This means easy application, no brushes necessary and no fancy techniques. Plus, there’s no drying out of product like a pot of gel eyeliner.
  • Mascara, mascara, mascara and a booster too. Nothing opens your eyes, makes you look younger, and brightens your face like long, lush, bold lashes. But, few of us are born with those and as we age, lashes become sparser and less noticeable. You need a really effective lash booster and mascara. Look no further than GENIE Million Dollar Lash Booster and GENIE Million Dollar Mascara. This good-for-your-lashes duo helps strengthen and lengthen, giving you longer and lusher lashes. Think of the Booster as natural eyelash extensions. Its vitamin infused formula, made with natural beeswax, protects and treats your lashes all day, and lengthens and thickens as you apply. Plus, it’s buildable. Make your lashes as lush and bold as you’d like. Apply to lashes, allow to dry, and add more for greater length and thickness. Finish with GENIE Million Dollar Mascara, especially formulated to let your eyes look great all day long. The mascara’s unique v-shaped applicator helps lift and curl lashes to really emphasize your eyes.

Do you want to try GENIE Instant Line Smoothing Foundation, Nutratanicals Antioxidant Foundation, GENIE Superglide Gel Eyeliner or the GENIE Million Dollar Lash Booster and Million Dollar Mascara? Genie Beauty backs all of its products with a money-back guarantee so you can try at no risk. Samples are also available by calling (866) 700-2227.

Although Genie Beauty products are designed to be used by every woman, the company counts professional makeup artists and bloggers among its many fans. Emmy nominated Patty Bunch, who is currently working on the all-new Will & Grace series, has collaborated with Genie Beauty to create a series of “How To” videos. Take a look here at all our videos here: http://www.geniebeauty.co.nz/genie-beauty-reel-looks/

Genie Beauty is a leading skincare and make-up brand, selling products online, in spas and salons worldwide, and on television over the past 18 years. The company’s first product, Genie Instant Line Smoother, has sold more than five million bottles worldwide. Today, the company specializes in Instant Skincare, a new category of instant benefit-driven products that begins with the most advanced technology, techniques and ingredients and ends with the long-term benefits of repairing and transforming your skin.  No more waiting months, weeks or even days to see results—just minutes.  Genie Beauty is Instant Skincare, Instant Benefits![/vc_column_text][wowmall_products_carousel visible=”4″ arrows_mobile=”yes” category=”make-up” orderby=”sales” order=”desc” hide_outofstock=”yes”][/vc_column][/vc_row]