[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Being at home in the comfort of your vanity is the best way to apply your makeup day in and day out but what happens when the “out” occurs. When you are away from the home mirror having a solid makeup mirror handy can make the difference between looking good or squinting at a reflecting mirror.

The Genie Beauty makeup mirror is the perfect companion for the Genie Beauty on the go. Keep one in your purse, car and desk at work. Our exclusive double sided makeup mirror has two mirrors with different magnification so you can easily use this makeup mirror to fix and apply makeup throughout the day.

Usually an add-on to orders the Genie Makeup mirror is available for sale when you are looking for a new or better makeup mirror to replace your lost or broken mirror. One of our most popular tools the makeup mirror is sized right for vision and easy carry.

Finding the perfect makeup mirror is simple with Genie Beauty.[/vc_column_text]