Made in America: Why it makes a difference.

Do you know where your beauty products are manufactured?

It’s really important.  A recent experience opened my eyes to a beauty industry issue that’s becoming a troubling trend.

While checking out a very popular “all American” brand at a major department store, I was shocked to discover one of their iconic products is now being manufactured overseas. This intrigued me so I did some some digging and I learned that most of their brand is being manufactured overseas! And they are not alone. More and more beauty companies are moving their manufacturing operations overseas – primarily to save money…

At Genie Beauty, we manufacture all of our products in the US and Canada (and one in France). Sure, if we followed suit and set up manufacturing abroad we might be able to manufacture our products for less. But we would have to make some major concessions. It’s just really difficult to control quality. I take great pride in the Genie Beauty reputation, and the trust we have built with our valued clients over the years. I understand that these companies believe they have put controls in place to protect the quality and integrity of their formulas and trademarks. But I also know that language barriers, regional laws and cultural differences make it VERY difficult to effectively resolve issues and guarantee quality across borders.

So why does it matter that Genie Beauty manufactures in the US?

1) To control quality – We have trusted manufacturing partners that we have worked with for decades. Together we have a proven track record of meeting and exceeding the highest pharmaceutical standards of manufacturing.  This meticulous process includes raw materials quality assurance testing before it is ever put into our product, ensuring that raw materials (as well as finished products) are not tested on animals as well as that proper testing has been conducted on the final product before it is even shipped to the Genie warehouse.

2) To ensure the integrity of our formulas – These same manufacturing partners maintain the integrity of our formulas as evidenced by the extensive ongoing testing all our products undergo. (and man do we do quality testing!) Because of our long-term relationships with our manufacturing partners I know fact that our formulas are protected and will not be produced for another beauty company.

3) To protect American JOBS! – Need I say more? We are committed to helping revitalize the economy and keep valuable jobs in the USA.

Lisa Claycomb
President, Genie Beauty Products


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