How to Look Great in Photos This Summer

It’s that time of year again . . . Graduations, weddings, reunions— the time when people take family photos. Lots of family photos. And unlike when I was growing up, now those photos can follow you around Facebook and Instagram F-o-r-e-v-e-r!  As women we are so hard on ourselves. I can always find some reason why I think I look bad in a photo— unflattering angle, laughing too hard, my roots are showing, looking fat, and on and on.  Its the reason I created Genie Instant Line Smoother.  My mother (at that time she was in her fifties) wasn’t feeling good about how she looked as she was aging and asked me to create a product for her and then laughingly told me she needed it to work for a party that night.  Out of that need came Genie Instant Line Smoother.

Now, I’m in my fifties and SO GLAD that I have this little miracle product .  I get a thrill every time a friend tells me how Genie makes them feel more confident.  That’s really what its all about— creating confidence so that you can focus on the moments in life that bring you JOY!  Like graduations, weddings, births . . . Family and friends.

So back to those family photos . . . My secret?  I always feel good about myself when I’m wearing a favorite dress, actually tried to do my hair and feel like my skin looks great (this is where Instant Line Smoother comes into play).  But most of all . . . I focus on the moment, the fact that you are lucky enough to witness a amazing milestone in someone’s life— my cousin graduating from college, a friend getting married, my sister having a baby . . . Sharing those amazing moments are what life’s about for me and there’s no room in there for not feeling beautiful.

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