How to Look & Feel Great While Travelling

My 7 Top Secrets to Looking & Feeling Great While Travelling

My partner Ross made the mistake of telling me that over the last 5 years we have spent 6 months in Australia on business!  What?! And that’s just one country we travel to on a regular basis.  We travel internationally about one week out of every month as well as (at least)  one domestic flight every month. That’s a crazy amount of travelling but maybe you’re something of a road warrior or maybe you are planning your last summer fling . . . whatever type of traveller you are  . . .

Here are 7 of my Top Secret Tips to Looking (and almost more importantly) feeling Great while travelling!

1)   Gas-X! – yes this is number one on my list because I do not like feeling uncomfortable.  There is science to a feeling of bloated, gasey feeling on a plane.   Here’s the science of it if you’re interested. I just know that I feel sooo much better if I take one Gas-X right when I get on a plane and stay away from carbonated drinks.  (stick with water)

2)  Only wear moisturizer and mascara and lip—believe it or not, I do not wear a sheet mask or use a roller on my skin or anything elaborate or weird on the plane.(I know a lot of Instagram influencers do a whole “plane routine” but that’s not my style—I’m usually ready to read a great book, take a nap, watch a movie or do an expense report (yuck).   If it’s a daytime flight—Here’s what I wear – Dream Cream, He’yedrator eye cream, Nutratanicals foundation, Mascara, California Mango Lip Balm (it smells great and feels even better).  For night flights—Same as above except I skip the nutratanicals foundation.  The Dream Cream is the key—if I’m feeling dry, I will “layer” the dream cream like this:  1) apply dream cream all over and let is absorb (maybe 2 minutes)  2) spray Evian facial mist onto my skin 3) apply Dream Cream again—It’s like a dream cream sandwich and your face will look dewy, hydrated and super smooth for your flight!

3)  Compression hose—these are not sexy but they stop your ankles from swelling, keep your legs and feet feeling fresh and could save you from Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).  My doctor recommended them because we do super long flights (10 hours, 15 hours) and I hate swollen ankles.  They are expensive but worth every penny—particularly if you fly back to back.  (ie.  This month I flew home from Italy for only a couple days and then flew to Australia).  At the very least—wear compression socks.  Your legs and feet will feel so “fresh” even after a super exhausting travel day.  I wear these .See if you doctor can prescribe them and your insurance might pay for them!

4)  Travel with a lighted makeup mirror!  This is a MUST!  I can’t tell you how many times I put on makeup in front of a window or in the car and looked like a weirdo because I couldn’t see what I was doing . . . . because THE LIGHTING SUCKS in just about every hotel room.   Also who wants to stand up in the humid bathroom and try to get your makeup on? Not me . . .  This is the one I use and its under $26.99

5)  Drink only water . . . . I get excited (the once a year I get upgraded, seriously) when they bring out a glass of champagne on take off or bring out the wine cart—but I know better.   Alcohol does yucky things to your skin and your brain when flying.  Talk about dehydration and feeling fuzzy . .. stick with water—have a glass of something fun in the evening after you land.

6)  PROBIOTICS—THE key to not getting sick! I used to get sick (like really sick, stay at home and lay on the couch for a week with a giant sinus infection or pneumonia) once a year like clockwork.  I would get sick about 2 weeks after Thanksgiving which mess up my Christmas preparations (which I usually love) and I would have to use the Christmas holiday to recover—yucko!)  That was until I discovered the magic of “gut health” and probiotics.  How could something in your “gut” prevent sinus infections? Here’s an article that explains it.  All I know is since I began taking them . . . I haven’t gotten sick!  Here are the ones I take:

*** Always check with your doctor. first before taking anything .. . I am not a doctor and am just sharing my experience with probiotics***

7)  Travelling in cold, dry climates-–  Get a travel humidifier! (yes!) you won’t wake up with a nasty dry throat in a hot hotel room.  This one is TINY!   This is the one I travel with and it fits inside a water bottle and plugs into your computer .. . so you don’t have to worry about voltage differences or a “wet” humidifier in your suitcase—it’s literally the size of a pencil attached to a 3 inch plate . ..easy peasy.

Hope these tips help with your next getaway or business trip!

All my best,

PS.   None of the products listed above are ads and I am not an affiliate of any of these brands. These are purely personal suggestions.  Share any of your beauty travel/wellness tips in the comments!

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