Grey Market Product

I love a bargain as well as the next girl; but putting my health at risk for discounted skincare or cosmetics is just not worth it. A lot of buzz has been created by a recent article on website refinery29 ( about “grey market” beauty products and it really hit home for us at Genie Beauty. Grey market products are people or companies who use another company’s logo and/or similar packaging with counterfeit product in them. This is illegal and can be dangerous. The issues of unauthorized distribution and outright counterfeit product has caused headaches for us for many years. We have very detailed contracts with our official distributors and work hard to maintain the integrity of their markets (i.e. If someone is given exclusivity in a country, we protect their rights and their boundaries) On the other hand, we expect our distribution partners to remain in their territories as well. And we only do business with those who do stay true to their agreements.

So I want to let you know how to make sure you are getting “AUTHENTIC” Genie Beauty Products. First of all—we sell our products in the US in three ways:

1)—this website is our home base so to speak and we guarantee any purchase that is made on this site. (

2)—we have been partners with QVC for over 16 years and you can be confident that any Genie Beauty product you purchase from QVC has been shipped directly to them from us. (

3) Amazon—ships from Genie Beauty—this is where things may get a little fuzzy. We do sell through Amazon because we know a lot of you enjoy the convenience of adding a bottle of something to your cart while you are purchasing books, fashion, light bulbs or any other branded items. However it’s often difficult to know exactly who you are purchasing from on Amazon. Here is a link to our Amazon listings.( You can also know it’ s us because we ship from Los Alamitos, CA. Other people sell Genie on Amazon but I do not know where they are sourcing their product as we do not sell wholesale or to people who plan on re-sale. I know it can be confusing because it could look like you are ordering from us and you may not be. That’s not to say that someone may not be re-selling product they purchased from an authorized source—we just can’t authenticate it.

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