[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Concealer also known as color corrector concealer by Genie Beauty is used successfully by women, and men, around the world to hide acne scars, acne marks, blemishes, imperfections, age spots, dark circles and other pigmentation issues on the face or neck. Used as a base the Genie Beauty Line Smoothing Concealer works to create a consistent toned look to your skin. Line Smoothing Concealer instantly erases the look of dark circles, freckles, blemishes, acne scarring, broken capillaries and dark spots with incredibly rich, dense coverage. The super creamy formulation infused with Safflower Seed oil, Sweet Almond oil and Shea Butter gives you an unbelievable smooth, invisible finish.

Concealer comes in many shapes and sizes but for Genie Beauty it comes down to continuing to provide instant skincare and instant benefits. Created by Lisa Claycomb Genie Beauty Line Smoothing Concealer has been featured on QVC and is used religiously by people around the globe. Like all of the products Genie Beauty sells the concealer packs quite a punch with quality ingredients designed not only as a concealer but also as long term skin care solutions for real world people. The Genie Instant Line Concealer can be used everyday to form the base of your skin care and makeup routine.

Concealer should be applied using this tried and trued method: Apply concealer after your Genie Line Smoothing foundation. Then set the concealer by using Genie Cashmere Powder on top of it. Apply concealer before your NUTRATANICALS Antioxidant Foundation!

Oftentimes people confuse concealer with foundation and it is an easy mistake to make. The big difference between the two and always knowing how to apply them in the proper order is found in their names. Foundation is your base and goes on first and is applied all over. Concealer is used for the areas that do not blend out with the foundation and require additional concealer action. When comparing concealer vs foundation it is important to recognize that both serve a distinct purpose and should be used in concert with one another as needed.

What if I don’t have acne scars or problem areas do I still need to use concealer? Concealer is a great tool to have and is most often applied under the eyes to conceal dark circles. The under eye skin is very delicate and can quickly show from stress, long hours and the rigors of life. Line Smoothing Concealer blends the dark under eye circles away giving your face a youthful healthy appearance.

When looking for the best concealer available we recommend you consider the key ingredients in the concealer and how those ingredients will interact with the other ingredients found in your foundation and makeups. Concealer from Genie Beauty is infused with Vitamins, oils and ingredients to help keep moisture on the skin. Fully tested and used around the globe this smooth concealer applies evenly and easily to form the perfect backbone to your daily makeup routine. Customers constantly rave that this the best concealer they have ever used which is why QVC sells so many of the concealer every time we are on. When looking for the best concealer for your skin consider Genie Beauty Line Smoothing Concealer.[/vc_column_text]

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