[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Finding the best under eye concealer is an ongoing mission of millions of people around the world. Finding the right under eye concealer that goes on smooth, finishes invisible and is comfortable for all day wear is the challenge. At Genie Beauty we have created Genie Beauty Line Smoothing Concealer to be the best under eye concealer available. Genie Beauty is known the world over for our Instant Skincare with Instant Benefits approach to skincare and makeup. Our line smoothing concealer no different from all of our other skincare and makeup products. Cover even your darkest circles and imperfections instantly without emphasizing lines and wrinkles with this rich creamy skin care-infused formula. Incredibly smooth, skin perfecting concealer gives you tinted treatment for instant coverage and brightness while bathing your skin with a powerhouse of anti-aging ingredients.

Choosing the right under eye concealer

Color selection: when choosing the right under eye concealer it is important to consider the color of your skin. Best outcomes tend to come in choosing a color that is slightly lighter than your base face skin color. The lighter shade will conceal the dark circles under your eyes while providing for a natural finish. Notice that most everyone has lighter colored skin around their eyes? Your goal is emulate this appearance with your concealer choice.

Texture: a good concealer provides an even and invisible texture to the skin under your eye while providing nourishing creams that lock in moisture and support your natural skin tones. Buttery, emulsion stick base allows formula to absorb in a way a pan or fluid concealer could not, for long-lasting, fool-proof coverage.

Be Ready for Seasons: In the winter it is inevitable that our skin will experience shade changes due to varying light intake. Depending upon your outdoor habits the tone and color of your skin will vary with seasons. Plan on having multiple shades on hand to adjust your regimen to fit the seasons.

All in one of dedicated products: The advantage of  Genie Beauty Line Smoothing Concealer is that the product comes with moisturizers built in. If you are experiencing extra dry skin you can also start out with one of our face creams to further moisturize and support your skin.

Tips and Tricks for the Best Under Eye Concealers

Application: Make sure your vanity has plenty of natural light as you start to get used to applying your concealer. Many people make the mistake of over-applying concealer for the first time when they are applying in low light or false lighting situations. As you become used to the color and layers you will gain a knack for applying just the right amount of concealer.

Just Enough: When searching for the best under eye concealer it can be tempting to find a product and go crazy. The trick and art of proper concealer application is not to over do it. Apply lightly and work gently for best results.

It can be tricky: even the best under eye concealer can not cover up bad work. Our product is made to be invisible and what we have found is that the biggest complaints always center around incorrect and/ or over application of the concealer. Again when applying the best under eye concealer on the market it is important to realize that a little goes a long ways.

When looking for the best under eye concealer available remember that this is your eye area and the best concealers will protect and correct while going on light and invisible.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″]

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