I turn 50 today. It’s hard to believe that that much time has passed . . . it seems like yesterday I was fresh out of school and dreaming about what my future would hold!  Today, my life today is so much more than I dreamed.  And for that I am incredibly grateful.    Over the next couple weeks I’ll be sharing my story and how Genie Beauty came to exist and become a multi-million dollar brand.  But for today, let me share the four things I’ve learned that are important to me professionally but more importantly, personally.

1)      Look for the good

  • In your family
  • In your spouse/boyfriend/partner
  • In your friends
  • In your office
  • At your work
  • At home
  • In every circumstance you face
  • In every encounter you have

Find the good and focus on it

2)       Figure out what your gift is and focus on sharing that gift with others—For some people it might be:

  • Teaching others how to speak English
  • Raising incredible children
  • Creating a beauty line that solves your problems instantly
  • Sharing your incredible voice in a choir
  • Guiding people through the most scary purchase of their lives (their homes)
  • Creating beauty in a community garden
  • Creating school environments that encourage children to learn
  • Guiding parents and children through the maze of college application process
  • Rescuing scared and tired abandoned animals

This talent you have — It is a gift that was given to you and I believe your job is to hone it and share it with the world.

3)      Keep learning.   Stay curious about life and people. It keeps you interested in the world, engaged with the world and young!

4)      When you fall down, Get up and Keep Going.  Every single time . . . particularly when you want to give up.  Don’t—just get up and keep working on it.

When you want to give up on someone, give up on eating better, give up on reaching a milestone, give up on starting that new venture– get up and keep going. Part of my journey included a lot of falling down (and I still do) and I always remember to get back up.

And most of all today I am grateful for my friends, my family and my Genie Beauty Family—I feel like this is what I was meant to do with my life and you all give me the opportunity to shine and share my light with you every day.

Thank you!

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