5 Ways to Save Time in the Morning

All of us have a lot going on and who doesn’t want to get out the door faster or at least more organized every morning?  I live in California and we do business in Europe as well as Japan and Australia so if want to talk to any of our partners I have to be available when they are working (and awake).  This often means I am on the phone with Europe as soon as I’m awake (yes, I’m usually still in my pajamas) AND I’m on the phone with our Japanese and Australian partners in the evening (sometimes again in my pajamas— haha).  That makes time in the morning super valuable to me.

Here are 5 tips I use to save time every morning:

1)  Get Breakfast pre-prepped:  I drink a smoothie for breakfast every morning and the way I save time on this is to pre-cut and prep the fruit and veggies on Sunday evening.  I clean and chop 5 days worth of fruit and vegetables and put them into small ziplock baggies (one for each smoothie) and then throw them in the freezer.  That way every morning I dump the contents of the baggie into my blender and top off with coconut water, yogurt or water and blend.  Time saving = 10 minutes/morning.

Here are some pre-prepped smoothie ideas

2)  Hair:  You don’t have to wash, dry, curl your hair every day.  (It actually may be better for your hair not to do this daily particularly if you color your hair).  Here’s the way I roll — day 1) wash, dry, flatiron/curl and wear it down  2) twist up into a chignon in the back  3) depending on your hair either dry shampoo and put up again, or wash and start at #1.  Over the course of a week I think I have time savings of about 1 hour. So let’s give it time saving = 12 minutes/morning.

Here’s a cute, quick updo:

3)  Makeup:  Yes you knew I was going to go there.  All Genie Beauty products are designed to give you beautiful benefits without sacrificing your precious time.  Here’s my morning routine:  1) EVERY DAY  sunscreen SPF 45 face, neck and chest (yes I live in Southern California)  2)Dream Cream 3) Instant Line Smoother 4) Nutratanicals Full Coverage Antioxidant foundation 5) Cashmere blush (Sunrise) on eyes and cheeks 6) Superglide Waterproof Gel Eyeliner 7) Million Dollar Lash kit .   It took me longer to type that than it does to do it.  It takes about 8 minutes start to finish.  Time savings:  10 minutes/morning

4) Capture it all at the door.  I am notorious for losing my glasses (and keys).  So I have a bowl right as you enter my front door and this is where my glasses and keys “live”.  No running around looking for them when I’m trying to leave.  (I actually got a second pair of glasses so I have one at the door and one in my bedside table)  Time saved= I can spend an enormous time looking for my glasses but let’s say 5 minutes

Here’s an adorable bowl to keep it all in:


5)  That extra Tote Bag!  I have a tote bag I keep my purse, notebooks, planner, etc in. THEN . . . I have a second tote bag I keep by the front door and into it goes all the weirdo things I find around the house that need to go back to the office— like dog leashes, mail I need to address, tennis shoes & workout clothes for after work exercise, new product samples I’ve taken home for review, dog treats and water bottle.  Again this saves time from running around the house looking for things. Time saved= at least 5 minutes

I use my Genie tote that was our summer promo— here’s a link to that kit

So we have saved 42 minutes in your morning.  Now what are you going to do with all this time saved?

Exercise? Meditation? Count your blessings? Reading your favorite trashy magazine? More time with your husband or kids? Get to work early? Walk the dogs?

Its up to you!

P.S. If you want some additional time-saving ideas, check out our Genie Beauty Pinterest Board

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